Momma & Me Yoga | The Good, the Bad and the Adorable

My Yoga obsession continues! My son is cruising now and I'm so excited to find more ways to engage my little bundle of energy. I took him to the pool yesterday and he loved it! I want to do yoga with him too. When he was really little, before he even crawled, I used Shiva Rea's awesome Momma and Baby Yoga DVD. Once he could crawl he pretty much went off and did his own thing and I did yoga solo. Recently he has come up and climbed on me while I was doing poses so I think it's time to get him involved again.

I found this sweet video on YouTube from YogaEarth and it was exactly what I hope to have with my son someday. :)

photo courtesy of Mirror News UK
Unfortunately, I also found some videos talking about Controversial Baby Yoga—DON'T WATCH THEM! I made the mistake of clicking on one and a few horror stricken seconds later I stopped it and wanted to throw up! They feature a woman named Lena Fokina swinging babies, SMALL BABIES, around her body by the limbs! She calls it therapy...I think it's HORRIFIC! Babies were even seen throwing up in the "sessions". She substantiates her practice saying "babies are born with natural reflexes, which we can use to help them develop physically and intellectually". Personally, I believe these reflexes are designed to help protect the baby in dangerous situations. To me, her comment is like purposely crashing a perfectly good plane simply because there is emergency landing equipment on board. Her proof that the system works...“All my children have grown up according to the Charkovsky method and they have all gone on to achieve outstanding results in life - they are Russian champions in parachuting, free-diving and horse riding. [...]
Now my children are practicing those same methods on their own children. It’s the best proof.”
I think I'll take my chances skipping her methods and raising average children rather than risking brain damage, dismemberment or worse just to raise some thrill-seeking champions.

1. Yoga Children's Books

These adorable books illustrate yoga poses in a format your child is used to.

Keep your little yogi hydrated! Stock your fridge full of water and nutritious beverages with these adorable reusable drink bottles. These 5 bottle sets include a tray to help coral them while you keep them cool in the fridge.

3. Yoga Motion Bundle by Namaste Kid

This cute little bundle makes a great gift and includes everything you need to get started in one box! Bundle includes a Yoga Motion DVD, Apple Green Yoga Mat, and a Shining Star 12oz stainless steel Water Bottle.

4. DIY Baby Leg Warmers Tutorial

I love this Tutorial by Jaime Jackimiec Straus for turning knee socks into baby leg warmers on her blog Rabit Stew. I am definitely going to make a few (hundred) pairs of these!

5. Fireflies Musical Yoga For Kids founded by Kira Wiley

Yoga music that's perfect for kids but would also fit seamlessly into your indie folk music collection! Both albums feature a mixture of full songs tracks and tracks with kid friendly yoga instruction laced throughout the song.
Dance for the Sun
Kings and Queens of the Forest