The Power of The Packed Lunch

I adore reading to my son before bed—all the cuddles and the coos, and yeah even his slapping at the book and trying to bend the pages into origami. Sometimes, when I’m reading to him, a part of the story will jump out at me and get me thinking about my own life. It happened to me just the other night when I was reading to him from his storybook Bible. It was the story of Jesus feeding a crowd of people with the sack lunch of some boy. I’ve read this story before, but this was the first time I had read it as a mother so when it mentioned the little boy I started thinking about his mother. The Bible doesn’t mention his mother, but I sort of imagined what his mother might have been like. I pictured her making his lunch that morning, baking the bread and cleaning the fish. Maybe she wrapped it up with a little note for him, okay probably not, but it occurred to me that mothers have been packing lunches for their children for ages and ages. 
The same mundane act, with all the same profound love behind it. And on this occasion, in this story, the food that this mother packed did more than just prepare her son for lunchtime, it prepared him for a
generous act that had a ripple effect among thousands of people! I guess what really hit me was that the things you do for your kids everyday that can be so routine and seemingly trivial, you never know just how impactful those little things can truly be. I think I’ll be remembering this the next time I’m packing a diaper bag, washing the dishes or cleaning up a mess.